Another Year.

Weather and projects haven’t left any time to be out and about, but there’s always something around the house to keep the camera busy. In the shadehouse the male St. Andrew’s Cross spider disappeared, perhaps a meal for his mate, and then some time later the female also disappeared, but, her job in life complete, she left behind an egg case.

egg case

In the garden though we’ve just found another, with a magnificent cross in the centre of a large orb web, she’s enjoying brunch, possibly garnered from the following location.


Close by the Baeckea virgata is in full bloom and a magnet for flies.


We’ve had some hot days around the 40 C mark, and while checking the thermometer we found a very small spider apparently doing the same, it is a male Redback.



Jumping spiders always draw the camera lens, eg. Ocrisiona jovialis, and Hypoblemum sp. The former unusually has its two front pairs of legs folded closely.



While sitting on the verandah having morning coffee, I happened to notice a tiny jumper, 2.5 mm long on my shirt, I carefully transferred it to the table and went for the camera. While taking photos, it several times lowered itself about 50 mm on a silken thread before quickly rising again to the table. I hadn’t noticed this before with jumpers, but then while I was sitting down again beside the table, it wafted a thread over to my shirt 30 cm away and was on its way back to me. An interesting happening. It is probably a young Opisthoncus species, (R Whyte id.)



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