After admiring avocets, alliteration now ceases, we went on to Marlay Point hoping to catch up with the diving Little Terns again, but alas they were gone, as were the commons. Just a handful of crested were on the concrete breakwater, and the now showing breakwater piles were innocent of bird life. Pelicans however were in abundance, close to the landing and far out on the lake. Some Chestnut Teal and a couple of Darters added a little variety to the scene, captured in the following photos.





Just as were were about to leave we looked out and espied a strange creature of the water approaching. With thoughts of the Loch Ness Monster in our fevered minds, we waited with bated breath and camera at the ready as it drew nearer. Dreams of fame and fortune soon evaporated however, ’twas not a Plesiosaur risen from the primeval depths of the lake, but a racehorse enjoying hydro therapy. Ah well, made a nice picture, who wants to be famous anyway.
All Too Hard.


And you know what I’m going to say….

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And for the technically minded, the second shot, effective focal length 750 mm at f22 for the required depth of field.

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