To the shining light.

Well, with the final week of extracurricula work winding down, I hope, my thoughts are once again turning to natural matters. It’s a full moon at the moment, but last night it was obscured by cloud so I fired up the moth light for the first time in weeks. Mothing at home has been disappointing, but on this occasion moths were arriving within minutes of switching on, mainly one species, a Hepialid, Elhamma australasiae. The majority were males of varying colour, but there were also about three larger plain females among the twenty odd that were on the sheet.

elhamma australasiae

elhamma australasiae

elhamma australaiae

It always pays to check the back of the sheet from time to time, and it paid off on this occasion with a new species for my life list. It is the Golden Leaf Moth, Wingia aurata, and what a gorgeous small moth. The larvae feed on Eucalypts, plenty of which are in the garden. It is the second in the genus that I’ve photographed, I got Wingia hesperidella at Holey Plains State Park four months ago, both absolute gems.

wingia aurata

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