There’s some misty rain this morning and the fire situation is not a concern in the immediate future. There’s been no opportunity to get out for new blog items but these are from the last mothing session seventeen days ago. The first is the Five-banded Footman, Hectobrocha pentacyma; MOV 2 gives the Victorian specimen data as three specimens at the Victorian Museum, and localities at Aberfeldy and Noorinbee. The Aberfeldy moths were collected in 1960 and 1977, so it seems that it is quite uncommon in this state.

five-banded footman

The second is also uncommon with records from widely separated Red Cliffs in the north-west, and Paynesville in East Gippsland. It’s a handsome moth, the Variegated Notodontid, Aglaosoma variegata, photographed in flight.

aglaosoma variegata

It was a good night for the Sinister Moth, Pholodes sinistraria, half a dozen came to the light, all males. Some were worn but this one was fresh and beautiful.

sinister moth

Elhamma australasiae is certainly not uncommon, it can come to the light in large numbers but just one on this night.

elhamma australasiae

All moths photographed on the night can be seen here.

Click to enlarge.

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