A humid atmosphere is supposed to be a plus for the mothing game, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth when I headed out to a favourite location for the first 2013 session. We are in the grip of a long hot dry spell, and the bush was showing it, the foliage of the hop goodenias was brown and withered, the leaves of the pomaderris shrubs were wilted and drooping, and even the bracken fern fronds were burnt and brown. However, it was an interesting night with two records looking to be quite significant, but this post is about some of the other visitors to the light. Thankfully, beetles were scarce, they can be a real nuisance, but one that settled on the sheet was worth a photo.


Lacewings of various species often turn up, this adult antlion held its wings spread for a while before settling down with them closed.


I quite often see beeflies along watercourses, this is the first that has come to my light. Their larvae are predators of other insect eggs and larvae and the adults feed on pollen and nectar.


Craneflies with their incredibly long and multi-jointed legs are common too.


The last is less welcome, I’m still waiting for one to come into the vehicle with me on the way home and show its displeasure with the application of its mandibles and sting.

bulldog ant

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