native bee.

A tiny native bee getting nectar from the scaevola, loaded to the max with pollen.


Yet another species of wasp nectaring on the fan-flower, we’ve never previously seen such a variety as we have this season.

blue wrens

O ye’ll tak’ the high road an’ ah’ll tak’ the low road,
An ah’ll get an insect afore ye….
(Sung to the tune of the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond.
The background is the out of focus summer-dry grass in the paddock.)

blue-spotted hawker

Some species of dragonfly are very wary and hard to photograph, so it’s good to find one that is still perching, whether because of rain or in the early morning or evening. This Blue-spotted Hawker, Aeshna brevistyla found the wire-cut brick a good spot to cling and spend the night.

aeshna brevistyla

Click to enlarge.

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