Life on the mudflats.

We’re in a dry spell and the local wetland is drying out. During the last eighteen months or so there has been extensive dieback of water vegetation, cause unknown, although a prolonged high water level has been suggested. Anyway, the result is extensive areas of mudflats that are providing rich pickings for several bird species, Latham’s Snipe, Masked Lapwings, Spotted Crakes, Black-fronted Dotterels, and most pleasingly seven Red-kneed Dotterels, my first local sighting of this species in many moons. White Ibis, Royal Spoonbills, Great Egrets, Pacific and White-faced Herons, and the odd Nankeen Night-heron are working the shallows with teal, swamphens, coots, and moorhens, it’s all happening. Here are some shots from a couple of visits.


red-kneed dotterels

pacific heron

spotted crake

great egret

black-fronted dotterel

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