Garden action.

After setting up the mothing gear at Holey Plains recently, I went for a walk while waiting for darkness to fall. The Burgan bushes were in full flower and covered with Plague
Soldier Beetles, Chauliognathus lugrubris, and I thought “Oh great, when the light goes on the sheet will be covered with them.” Well, that didn’t happen, I didn’t see one, and when I checked with the torch later they had nearly all disappeared ?! We’ve got them at home too, on the angophora, and when I went out the other morning there were clusters of them on the gravel drive. Then as the sun started to brighten things they woke up and flew up into the flowers, mystery solved, they are apparently a diurnal species that cuddle up together at night.

soldier beetles

We continue to be amazed at the variety of wasps in the garden, this mating pair was working the baeckea flowers, both enjoying the wedding breakfast.

mating wasps

Common Brown Butterflies are stoking up on the nectar too.

Spider hunting wasps are active, I’ve seen three new species and watched one digging a breeding burrow, but more of that anon.

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