Orchids by the lake #2.

Red Beard-orchids, Calochilus paludosus were flowering too, in two colour forms, the normal red, and blonde if I can call them that.




Triggerplants, Stylidium graminifolium were flowering in numbers on the road reserve and attracting butterflies, this I believe is the Splendid Ochre, Trapezites symmomus symmomus.

splendid ochre

Tiny day flying moths took some catching up with, this was one, as yet unidentified but possibly a Thema species, Oecophoridae.

moth species

A Mistletoe Brown-tail moth, Nygmia edwardsii was much easier, the large female was clinging to a stick on the ground, and when I moved her into a better position she played dead.

nygmia edwardsii

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