Along the Rail Trail #4.

An email from my orchid guru Mitch sent me out on to the rail trail again, there’s orchids there he said, Diuris, Thelymitra, and Microtis. That was the news I’d been waiting for, the orchids survive, about a dozen Diuris sulphurea were in a small area with a nice number of Thelymitra in bud along the edge of the track. Microtis were there too with more not far away. My first photos though were of a native bee gathering pollen and a tiny case moth caterpillar tucking into a Bulbine Lily flower.

native bee

case moth

case moth

hornet orchid

sun orchids

onion orchid

In the area the blue grass lilies, Caesia calliantha were very abundant, and a little further on some plants of Stypandra glauca added to the list of native flora clinging to this refuge along the old railway reserve.

nodding blue lily

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