Along the Rail Trail #3

Another wander hoping to find a surviving orchid, but no luck, plenty of Chocolate Lilies and quite a few Milkmaids flowering, while the Dillwynia was just about finished. I did find a few Caesia calliantha though with their coiled old flowers.

blue grass lily

Milkmaids, Burchardia umbellata are attractive, but they were holding a hidden menace.


For flies that is, I couldn’t discern any perfume but they seem to attract many different species. And lurking ready to pounce were small crab or flower spiders, Runcinia acuminata.

runcinia acuminata

I photographed four individuals of this small spider that is found from India to Japan and Australia. there is some interesting information about it on

crab spider

crab spider

The victim in the last photo is a fly that I’ve photographed previously in the garden and as yet haven’t been able to identify. I couldn’t get a good photo of a live one on this occasion due to the wind that was making things difficult, but a subsequent visit gave me this one.


They have a thick apparently hinged proboscis that they use to work over the petals, but I have no idea what they are collecting for food, it was invisible to my eyes. I’ve asked for help and I may be able to elucidate later.


A nice surprise to finish my wander was a healthy bush of Sticky Everlasting,
Xerochrysum viscosum.

sticky everlasting

Click to enlarge.

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