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If you were to ask me…..

What is a good tree and a good shrub to plant to attract birds, I’d probably have no hesitation in saying Eucalyptus leucoxylon, and Grevillea banksii x bipinnatifida, or in simpler terms Yellow Gum and Robyn Gordon. Both are as tough as old boots and have a copious nectar flow relished by the honeyeaters. In […]

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Up, up and away.

Her. “The galahs look beautiful wheeling in the evening light, why don’t you go out and take some pictures of them” Him. “Oh, er, yes, all right, I’ll go and try” Gets camera, fits zoom lens, cranks up to 1600 ISO, and goes out into the paddock. Dials in continuous focus and 4 FPS, puts […]

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